Best Gelato in Toronto - "That tastes good"  - Massimo Capra

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Il Gelatiere

In Italian, the word Gelato means frozen dessert and the word Artigianale means handcrafted. Both these can be found here at Il Gelatiere. A family owned and operated gelateria in Toronto that prides itself on authenticity.  From the freshly squeezed lemon juice to the roasted almonds and hazelnuts, you will only find the freshest ingredients used here. Hand picked - all of our gelati are made in-house and nothing is left to chance, if we do not like the fruit that is delivered that day, it is not accepted and returned.  This type of quality control leads us to taste all the different types of batches which in turn leaves us eating a lot, poor us... :)

Gelato is a healthy alternative to ice cream. It has a smaller percentage of butterfat than ice cream, yet gelato is thicker and richer because it contains less air and fillers. Its natural ingredients also provide protein, vitamins and calcium.

We are open year round and serve more than just gelato. Located at
647 Mount Pleasant Rd., Toronto, ON Check out our menu page to see the other delicious food we have to offer or give us a call at (416) 488-2663.

                Gluten Free
- Recognized by Celiac Association, Dairy free & Peanut free


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